Hi, I'm Justin!

Mission Peak
San Francisco
With Grandma

I'm an EECS major at UC Berkeley, and some of my favorite things include skating, Korean food, and hip hop.

I am a project developer for Blueprint, a campus organization that aims to provide well-designed and beautiful engineering for those who create social good. I am also a TA for Berkeley's Data Structures and Algorithms course. In addition, I am an undergraduate researcher and systems administrator for Berkeley's Automation Lab, where I am working on an open-source platform to create responsive and engaging surveys for legislators. In the past, I was also a lead undergraduate researcher at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science, working on a project to use machine learning to identify invasive species.

Below are some of the personal blog posts that I have enjoyed writing the most:

And if you are at all interested, you can check out some songs I currently have stuck in my head.

If you want to reach out to me, shoot me an email at justin.mi [at] berkeley [dot] edu.